Yama Fitness

Design & Packaging

Design for a new health supplement pitch I won. The company is still in its early stages, but I worked closely with the Company Director to create a brand that would look strong and appealing.

I took inspiration from the Japanese word for mountain “yama”, as you should always aim for peak performance in exercise and life. This is what I wanted to convey with the branding.

Business Cards for Lisuto & eLady

I was asked to design the business cards for the Lisuto offices in Tokyo & Israel, as well as the cards for eLady based in Tokyo.


For these cards I decided to print them with rounded corners on cards with a blue seam.


For these cards I also went with the same type of cards.

Univa Capital, New Year’s Card 2016

I was approached by Univa Capital to come up with a New Year’s Card design to represent “The Year of the Monkey”. Univa Capital is a holding company with corporate companies around the world, so I had to make sure the design would be understandable to all of the clients that the card would be sent out to.

Using the Japanese & English copy provided, I create the illustration of the monkeys with the logo element incorporated in the design.

Lisuto UI

Currently I work at Lisuto in Japan as the Lead Designer, working on UI/UX design for this new application in Tokyo. It’s really interesting coming up with the design style, and then applying the style to creating responsive designs, & the iOS app.

The application will be provided in many languages, so I have to think about how the design will work in many languages, when designing for the application.

Year 2, End of Year Show 2012

On the 21st of June 2012 I had my end of year show at the Batley School of Art.

I was surprised how it turned out with some work from my last project. The exhibition for my final year showed examples of my first year too.

Evaluation Report

For my final University project I had to create an evaluation report that would explain about what I knew/had learned about business practice/branding and explaining about my own personal corporate identity.

The book turned out petty well, with the use of the GD86 branding and pictures that I had taken while visiting Tokyo.

British Restaurant

A brief to create a “British” themed restaurant in Japan.

For this I created a brand that would work along all the printed items, promotional items and digital based media. The brand needed to represent “Modern British”, which is why I came up with a design that shows Britain with a modern twist, without forgetting my target audience.